On the safety of canned food!
Column:Product Knowledge Time:2018-01-15

To study food security, the first step is to study food insecurity. Until now, Chinese and foreign researchers have divided insecure or dangerous factors such as biological, physical and chemical. Between it, biological factors are considered the main risk factors, especially for processed foods, in order to eliminate biological hazards, inadequate methods can increase their physical and chemical risks during processing.

The processed food is the basis of the commercialization of food, it is also a manifestation of human civilization, which requires maintaining the characteristics of the food product under the premise of guaranteeing food security. For example: nutrition, taste, texture, and shelf life, etc. Among them, the useful life of the processed food is the most important characteristic.

In order to extend the shelf life of food, humans have long invented a variety of food processing and storage methods, such as pickling, drying, freezing, etc. But these methods can not satisfy the needs of human social activities. Therefore, the French Nikolai Apel and Louis Pasteur invented the cans more than two hundred years ago. After several years of development and durability, they have become the main form of international trade in processed foods today.

Any processing and preservation of food should take into account that microorganisms can cause food spoilage and even food poisoning. Therefore, the sterilization of food, bacteriostatic has become a very important theoretical basis for the preservation of various food processes.

According to expert discussion, it is safe to use food preservatives according to regulations and standards.