How many misunderstandings about canned food?
Column:Product Knowledge Time:2018-01-11

Because canned foods are very convenient and delicious, it is favored by many consumers. However, when we buy canned food, we often hear the following word:

Oh, dear, don’t buy canned food, because it contains a lot of preservatives, otherwise, how can it last so long!

So, how many consumers misinterpret canned foods??

Misunderstood 1: The canned ones are all antiseptic / preservatives.

Many people think that canned foods do not degenerate because of the added preservatives. In fact, this is totally incorrect.

The reason why the food does not degenerate over a long period of time depends entirely on strict sterilization and a completely sealed packaging after sterilization, so that the sterilized food is in a vacuum state to prevent the growth of bacteria , therefore, it has nothing to do with preservatives.

Malentender 2: Canned food is not fresh!

Some people think that most of the raw materials in canned foods are not too fresh. Actually, it is not like that.

The standard and formal canning manufacturers have their own raw material base, in fertilizers, pesticides and other aspects they have strict control, to fully guarantee the quality of the raw materials.

In addition, meat and fish are quickly corrupted if they can not be processed in time, even vegetables and fruits will lose nutrients if not processed quickly.

From fresh raw materials to finished products, it only takes less than an hour. The sterilization process can stop the chemical reaction in time, so that the nutritional content of the food is fully preserved in a fresh state.

Malentender 3: Canned food has nothing nutrition.

Some people say that canned food has been sterilized at high temperatures, and nutrition in food has been greatly damaged. Actually, the processing temperature of preserved canned fish and shellfish will not exceed 120 ℃; the processing temperature of vegetables and fruits shall not exceed 100 ℃; Such a temperature, the damage is only the substances sensitive to heat, such as vitamins. Most nutrients in foods, such as minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. not change. In comparison with our daily cooking, frying, fried and other cooking methods, the nutrition preserved in canned foods will be higher.

Tip: Because canned food generally does not contain preservatives, it is best to consume it before opening once possible.