How much information about Oyster sauce do you know?
Column:Product Knowledge Time:2018-01-11

Oyster sauce: The most common in modern use is a viscous dark brown condiment made from oyster extracts, sugar, salt and water thickened with corn starch. It is commonly used in Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese cuisine,a delicious flavor, rich aroma, moderately viscous, with a high nutritional value.

1.Oyster sauce contains rich in trace elements and a variety of amino acids, can be used to complement a variety of amino acids and trace      elements, which are mainly rich in zinc, is the preferred dietary supplement for people who have zinc deficiency.

2.There are more than 22 types of amino acids in Oyster sauce, a variety of amino acid content balance, between it, the content of glutamic acid is half of the total amount, together with the nucleic acids constitutes the main body of the sauce of oysters. How much the two content higher, more delicious.

3.Oyster sauce contains rich in taurine, can improve various health functions, such as human immunity.

Oyster sauce is able to harmonize the flavor of the dishes when they have different ingredients and flavors. It is often used as an ingredient when cooking vegetables, meats, soy products, mushrooms, etc. It can be used for dressings for salads and meat.
-Mix with seasonings: Oyster sauce is not only savored individually, but can also be used with other spices, pour a little oyster sauce, vinegar or other sauces or spices, if mixed well it would be a beautiful and delicious sauce.

-Dilute yourself with the broth: When you use oyster sauce to make juice, you can not pour directly into the food, but it must be diluted with the broth, then it is poured into the food.

-Avoid cooking at high temperature, otherwise you will lose the fresh taste.

-Long cooking will lose the flavor

-Good seasoning for pickled foods: when cooking offal of meat, you can pour a little oyster sauce, you can eliminate the smell of offal

Applicable object: The general population is edible, especially for people who have zinc deficiency.